The Roadmapping of Quantitative Understanding and



20th – 22nd April, 2021 (update: online only)

What is this Workshop about?

A rational and mathematical understanding of the science behind cleaning and decontamination problems

Cleaning and decontamination problems are ubiquitous in all human activities: from household cleaning to maintaining hygiene standards in the food and pharmaceutic industry, and safe removal of toxic materials. It is a universal topic of national and international importance. There is also an increasing need to rationalise scientifically the underlying physical, chemical and biological processes involved in cleaning and decontamination. This workshop will bring together a cross-disciplinary panel of experts and key stakeholders in related fields. Existing knowledge of quantitative methods and approaches in the fields will be reviewed. Future needs and opportunities will be discussed and identified.

Who is this Workshop for ?

This workshop is for all stakeholders involved in cleaning and decontamination, whether as practitioners, experts or researchers.

We welcome participation from academics, government agencies, and industry. Early career academics are particularly encouraged to participate.
The Workshop will have keynote speakers covering a range of disciplines and areas of expertise. We will also have contributed talks and posters from selected participants.

What are our Goals?

Map – Share – Research – Archive

(i) To map expertise and current activities in the area of cleaning and decontamination in the UK and beyond, in all relevant disciplines, and particularly those where quantitative methods are employed as this supports the transfer of solutions or approaches from one field to another.
(ii) To provide a forum where industrial and governmental stakeholders can share aspects of future needs, both immediate and long term.
(iii) To identify strategic needs for research, which could take the form of modelling methods, measurement techniques, socio-economic trends, or metrics for assessing and quantifying the impact of cleaning and decontamination operations and challenges.
(iv) To ensure that the workshop materials will be freely available as an archive for all workers in the area.

Where will the Workshop be Held?

The workshop on 20-22 April will be held online only. We will have an in-person follow-up meeting on 20th September 2021, at Jesus College, Cambridge.

The meeting will run on the Sococo platform, with plenary presentations on Zoom. The Sococo platform is a virtual environment facilitating interactions between all participants, as well as seamless transfers to the presentations on Zoom.

Who is organising the Workshop?


Dr Graham Christie (University of Cambridge)
Prof. Peter Fryer (University of Birmingham)
Dr Ian Hall (University of Manchester)
Dr Julien Landel (University of Manchester)
Prof. Kath Whitehead (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Prof. Ian Wilson (University of Cambridge, Host Organiser)
The Workshop is supported by an EPSRC Workshop Grant (EP/T033991/1 & EP/V000012/1)

Special Thanks to…

Our Sponsors

If you wish to support this event and become an official sponsor, please get in touch via the Contact Form. We will get back to you shortly to discuss how you can contribute towards this event.
We thank you for your interest and look forward to your participation at the Workshop!

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