EPSRC grant Approved!

This generous grant from EPSRC supports the costs associated with the organisation of the workshop and the design of the ModCaD website. It also supports the invitation of all the keynote speakers, and subsidises part of the costs associated with the venue, the catering, the accommodation and the IT facilities.

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council of the UK Research Initiative awarded a £34,000 Workshop Grant on ‘Roadmapping quantitative understanding of cleaning and decontamination’.

This grant will also help build an online database of knowledge resources and material associated with the topic of the workshop: ‘quantitative understanding of cleaning and decontamination’. The resources and material identified during the workshop will be archived on this website and be made freely available to all through a searchable database. The database will be able to grow in the future by allowing everyone to contribute to it by proposing resources to go on the database, through a simple portal on this website. This community-built searchable database will become more exhaustive over time and provide a useful resource for all researchers and workers in the field.

modcad news epsrc grant approved

One of the main challenges for researchers and workers in this field is that cleaning and decontamination are truly multidisciplinary problems. Therefore, it can be hard to identify and access all the relevant knowledge through existing online databases. The main goal of this database is to facilitate the horizontal translation of knowledge across disciplines and applications, for the benefit of all.

We are currently seeking further funding to support bursaries allowing early-career researchers, under-represented minorities and people with caring responsibilities to participate at the workshop. Further funding could also go towards subsidising the workshop reception and dinner at Jesus College, or towards building the online database for all researchers and workers in this field. Any sponsor contribution will be gratefully acknowledged on the home page of this website and at the workshop itself. If you wish to support, please get in touch with us via the Contact form on this website.

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