Workshop KEYNOTE Speakers

Worth Calfee

Worth is a microbiologist at the US EPA. His work involves developing and improving capabilities for decontamination, sampling and waste management after a biological contamination incident.

modcad speaker - connor collins

Conor Collins


Conor is Head of Validation / Product Lifecycle Management for Pharma Supply at GSK. He is responsible for Process and Cleaning validation standards definition and implementation in Global Pharma Supply – primary manufacturing, drug product formulation, biopharm, steriles and emerging market supply.

Sam Collins

Samuel Collins

Public Health England

Sam is a a public health scientist at Public Health England (PHE), currently working on global public health activities. He has expertise in international capacity building for chemical and biological events, CBRN response, decontamination, risk assessment, and training. He has recently worked on PHE’s mass casualty decontamination research programme, and is co-leading decontamination research projects under the NIHR and Health Protection Research Unit for Chemical and Radiation Threats and Hazards.

modcad speaker - peter fryer

Peter is Professor of Chemical Engineering at the School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham. His main research interest is in the hygienic design of food processes, food structure development and food manufacture. The aim of his research is to apply the principles of chemical engineering to the problems of the food industry.

modcad speaker - dennis heldman

Dennis Heldman

Ohio State University

Dennis is the Dale A. Seiberling Dairy and Food Engineering Professor at the Department of Food Science and Technology, Ohio State University. He is involved in teaching and research with a focus on sustainability of the food system.

Alex Jenkins

Sellafield Ltd

Alex is Decontamination Centre of Expertise Lead at Sellafield Ltd.

modcad speaker - julien landel

Julien is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Mathematics, University of Manchester. His research interests are in the area of fluid mechanics. He specialises in the mathematical modelling of cleaning and decontamination problems on surfaces.

Omar Matar

Omar is Professor of Fluid Mechanics and RAEng/Petronas Research Chair in Multiphase Fluid Dynamics at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London. His research interests are in interfacial fluid mechanics, multiphase flows, mathematical and numerical modelling, complex fluids and bio-fluid dynamics.

modcad speaker - luis melo

Luís is Emeritus Professor at the Laboratory for Process Engineering, Environment, Biotechnology and Energy, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto. His major research interests are in biofilm engineering, heat exchanger fouling and biological reactors for wastewater treatment.

modcad speaker - Martin Seed

Martin is a Consultant and Honorary Senior Lecturer iMartin is a Consultant in Occupational Medicine within the UK National Health Service and a Clinical Senior Lecturer at The University of Manchester. For 20 years, he has been researching the link between chemical structure and asthma causation using a computerised prediction model. More recently he and his team have applied this model to the identification of hazardous individual chemical ingredients within cleaning and disinfectant products.n Occupational Medicine at UK NHS and The University of Manchester. For 20 years, he has been researching the link between asthma amongst healthcare cleaning staff and the identification of hazardous individual chemical ingredients within cleaning and disinfectant products. With his research group, he has recently developed a predictive model to identify potential respiratory hazards in cleaning products.

modcad speaker - jim taylour

Jim Taylour

Chemical Consulting Solutions Ltd

Jim has worked in surface decontamination for over 35 years, much of this has been associated with cleaning in the food processing industry. Currently Jim is Director of Chemical Consulting Solutions Ltd and is working in a number of areas, including Low Environmental Impact Detergents. Previous Jim was for 17 years head of R&D at Holchem Laboratories Ltd. Jim is involved in a number of projects linked to food hygiene at Manchester Metropolitan University, and is a member of the Executive Board of the British Association of Chemical Specialities.

Allister Theobald

Allister is Senior Scientist at Warwick Chemicals, which is part of the Lubrizol Corporation. He does research in microbiology, and is particularly interested in antimicrobials, biofilm formation and bacteriology.

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